Calculator / BMI - Calculate Body Mass Index indicator

jak obliczyć BMI?
The online BMI calculator calculates the body mass index - BMI - based on height and weight entered.                      

BMI is calculated by dividing weight in kilograms by height in meters squared. The results are reliable for adults who are not pregnant. Expanded scale gives more precise information, the extremes of BMI.

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Calculator Body Surface BSA (Body Surface Area)

Jak obliczyć swoje BSA? Jak sprawdzić BSA?
The calculator calculates the BSA (Body Surface Area) by the formula Mosteller and Dubois.              

Calculator burn calories (kcal). How many calories you burn a day?

Ile kalorii spalamy? Ile kalorii potrzebuję?
The calculator calculates how many calories you burn per day based on the data entered.

BMR Calculator - Basic Metabolic - PPM

Jak obliczyć wskaźnik BMR / PPM ?
The calculator calculates the BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). BMR - the lowest rate of metabolism that occur in the human body, necessary to sustain basic life functions, which is located in standby mode under complete peace of physical and mental comfort that the 12 hours before the test, do not eat any meals, after 3 days of diet and protein-free after at least eight hours of sleep.
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jak obliczyć dzień tygodnia na podstawie daty?
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