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Mean and covariance matrix calculator

Covariance is a measure of the covariance of two variables (X and Y). The calculator calculates the average for the sample and the covariance between variables. Sets of X and Y must be the same number.      

Redemption value calculator

Calculator based on the given amount of capital, the interest rate and the number of years calculated the approximate value of the redemption. The redemption value - part of the premiums paid in the form of financial resources, which is fixed in the contract returns a policyholder in case of cancellation of insurance before the end of the contract.                    

Convolution of two vectors

The calculator performs convolution of two vectors of the same length in the field of real numbers by zsuwową.

Gross-Net Calculator prices of goods and services in Poland

Jak obliczyć kwotę brutto z uwzględnieniem podatku VAT? Jak obliczyć kwotę netto z uwzględnieniem podatku VAT?
It allows you to calculate the amount of gross or net price including VAT

The projected increase in child

Calculator based on the sex of the baby and given parental height calculated the projected increase in the child as an adult.