Daily caloric needs. How many calories do I need?

Ile kalorii potrzebuję?
Calculator to the data calculates your daily calorie requirement.                

The daily calorie requirement determines the amount of energy that we needed to function properly. This number depends largely on our lifestyle, weight and gender.

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Calculator Body Surface BSA (Body Surface Area)

Jak obliczyć swoje BSA? Jak sprawdzić BSA?
The calculator calculates the BSA (Body Surface Area) by the formula Mosteller and Dubois.              

BMR Calculator - Basic Metabolic - PPM

Jak obliczyć wskaźnik BMR / PPM ?
The calculator calculates the BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). BMR - the lowest rate of metabolism that occur in the human body, necessary to sustain basic life functions, which is located in standby mode under complete peace of physical and mental comfort that the 12 hours before the test, do not eat any meals, after 3 days of diet and protein-free after at least eight hours of sleep.

The percentage of body fat - the method YMCA

Calculator to the data calculated the percentage of body fat by the YMCA.                        
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Buying on credit or leasing

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How do I calculate vacation? Calculator dimension leave in Poland

jak wyliczyć urlop wypoczynkowy? jak obliczyć urlop? jak się liczy urlop wypoczynkowy?
Calculator by entering the type of secondary education and the start and end dates of employment shall calculate the chargeable period of annual leave.                  

The rate of breakdown of proteins by hemodialysis (Protein catabolic rate)

The calculator is helpful for people suffering from liver disease and undergoing dialysis. Allows you to calculate on the basis of input PCR, which determines the rate of protein breakdown.        

Redemption value calculator

Calculator based on the given amount of capital, the interest rate and the number of years calculated the approximate value of the redemption. The redemption value - part of the premiums paid in the form of financial resources, which is fixed in the contract returns a policyholder in case of cancellation of insurance before the end of the contract.