Calculator cerebral blood flow (Cerebral Blood Flow)

Associated to the data calculated how much blood supply to the brain in one minute.                  

Operations on sets

Specifies the basic operation of the two sets

Redemption value calculator

Calculator based on the given amount of capital, the interest rate and the number of years calculated the approximate value of the redemption. The redemption value - part of the premiums paid in the form of financial resources, which is fixed in the contract returns a policyholder in case of cancellation of insurance before the end of the contract.                    

Number cheerful

Checks the calculator is a large number of so-called gay (Happy Number). Number gay is a natural number is defined as follows: Calculate the sum of squares of digits of the number. Repeat this process for the next results as long as we get the number 1 or the results will be repeated. If you have received as a result of one, the original number is the number of gay. Otherwise, a number bleak.    

Area and perimeter of the cone

Area and perimeter of the cone Calculator by entering the radius of the base of the cone, and its height is calculated lateral surface area of the cone, the total area and volume.   The radius of the base of the cone