Indicator of market price to earnings per share

Calculator to the data calculates the market price to earnings per share P / E. P / E indicates how many times the company's market value is higher than the profit earned during the year. Reflects the attitude of investors to the company. The increase in this ratio indicates that investors decide to pay for the shares of the company more than before.            

The line passing through the given points

Calculator gives the equation line passing through the points specified by the user in the Cartesian coordinate system.          

Limit calculator, which entitles them to exemption from VAT in Poland

Calculator allows you to see what gives you the right amount of turnover for exemption from VAT if you started a business during the year.

The calculation wynagordzenia - wage calculator (service contract) in Poland

jak wyliczyć wynagrodzenie? jak obliczyć pensję? jak obliczyć wypłatę?
Wage Calculator (the service contract and work - power advances) calculates the net remuneration of civil contracts from the following gross salary.                                  

The generator ideal body weight by the formula ALIC

The calculator allows you to calculate your ideal weight for your body according to the model of the American Life Insurance Company