Calculator number of floor tiles and adhesive

Calculator based on the stated dimensions tiles and floor area where they will be laid tile, calculate the required amount of tiles and tile adhesive to them.                      

Final machining is intentionally material layer which should be removed from the pig iron to give the finished component.

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Calculator floor panels

Calculator based on the dimensions of the area to put the panels and occupancy data on number of panels in one package, calculate how much you have to buy packages of panels to cover the entire room.                          

Number of wallpapers

Jak oszacować niezbędną ilość tapety?
Ile kupić tapety?
Jak obliczyć ilość tapety potrzebną do wytapetowania pokoju?
Calculator to estimate the necessary amount of wallpaper needed to wytapetowania room of the given dimensions.    

Calculator VAT refund for building materials

The calculator calculates the amount of VAT that can be refunded in respect of incurred expenses associated with the purchase of construction materials.                    
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Calculation fields of plane figures

Jak obliczyć pole figury płaskiej?
Jak obliczyć pole kwadratu?
Jak obliczyć pole prostokąta?
Jak obliczyć pole trójkąta?
Jak obliczyć pole trapezu?
Jak obliczyć pole koła?
Calculator helps you calculate the area of ​​the selected shape.                              

ROCE - an indicator of the efficiency of investment

The calculator calculates ROCE on the basis of these pre-tax profits, total capital and current liabilities ROCE (called Return On Capital Employed) - an indicator of the efficiency and profitability of the investment, which is the capital of the company involved.            

Insulation of wall

Jak policzyć izolację ścian?
Calculator allows you to calculate the amount of insulation panels needed to cover the walls of the building using the "light wet" or "dry light" methods.

Serum osmolality

The calculator calculates the patient's serum osmolality and provides information on whether the value is within the normal range.            

Friis transmission equation

The calculator calculates the power at which the antenna receives the signal output from the second antenna of the power and distance greater than a single wavelength. The higher the frequency, the higher the transmission power loss from the signal transmission.