Comparison of profits from investments at different times of capitalization

Calculator based on input of the deposit amount, interest rate and duration of deposits is calculated how much money you earn at different times of the capitalization of interest. Calculator does not take into account the "gains tax".        

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ROCE - an indicator of the efficiency of investment

The calculator calculates ROCE on the basis of these pre-tax profits, total capital and current liabilities ROCE (called Return On Capital Employed) - an indicator of the efficiency and profitability of the investment, which is the capital of the company involved.            

The calculation wynagordzenia - wage calculator (service contract) in Poland

jak wyliczyć wynagrodzenie? jak obliczyć pensję? jak obliczyć wypłatę?
Wage Calculator (the service contract and work - power advances) calculates the net remuneration of civil contracts from the following gross salary.                                  

Net return on sales (ROS)

Calculator based on the values ​​entered and net profit calculated return on sales ROS. ROS announces net income (after tax), attributable to every penny of products, goods and services.            
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Air conditioning calculator

Calculator helps you calculate the estimated power consumption for room air conditioner with the specified size and the number of people working in the space.                  

Making the walls to the finshed state

Calculator allows you to calculate the amount of the dry wall assemblies or kilograms of the plaster needed to finish the walls of a room with the indicated dimensions.

Friis transmission equation

The calculator calculates the power at which the antenna receives the signal output from the second antenna of the power and distance greater than a single wavelength. The higher the frequency, the higher the transmission power loss from the signal transmission.        

The current ratio (current ratio)

Calculator based on the entered value of current assets and current liabilities, current ratio is calculated. WBP shows the coverage of short-term working capital commitments the company.          

Conversion between number bases

Converter allows you to convert numbers between number bases - binary (binary), trójkowym, czwórkowym, Friday, szóstkowym, siódemkowym, octal (octal), dziewiątkowym, decimal (decymalnym) jedenastkowym, dwunastkowym, trzynastkowym, czternastkowym, piętnastkowym, hexadecimal (hex). Typed characters that are not numbers and the letters A, B, C, D, E, F are ignored.