PV Calculator - The present value of the investment

PV Calculator helps us to calculate the current value of the investment or PV (ang.present value). PV Calculator calculates how much you need today, in the future, get the specified value after a certain number of years and accrue interest payable under the assumption that they will be capitalized (added to the principal) at a specified interval.                          

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The calculation wynagordzenia - wage calculator (service contract) in Poland

jak wyliczyć wynagrodzenie? jak obliczyć pensję? jak obliczyć wypłatę?
Wage Calculator (the service contract and work - power advances) calculates the net remuneration of civil contracts from the following gross salary.                                  

ROCE - an indicator of the efficiency of investment

The calculator calculates ROCE on the basis of these pre-tax profits, total capital and current liabilities ROCE (called Return On Capital Employed) - an indicator of the efficiency and profitability of the investment, which is the capital of the company involved.            

Net return on sales (ROS)

Calculator based on the values ​​entered and net profit calculated return on sales ROS. ROS announces net income (after tax), attributable to every penny of products, goods and services.            
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