Calculator social security contributions - the calculation of rates in Poland

Jak obliczyć wysokość składek ZUS? Jak obliczyć składkę na ubezpieczenie społeczne? Jak obliczyć ubezpieczenie zdrowotne?
Calculator to calculate gross salary given social security contributions deducted from the salary of the employee and the employer. [since 2008]            

Calculate the contribution for each fund Social Security – Check the cost of the employer and employee costs transferred to the pension fund, pension, sickness, accident, labor and FGSP.

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Illness Calculator - Calculate sickness (illness)

jak wyliczyć chorobowe? jak obliczyć zasiłek chorobowy?
Calculator calculates sick pay during sick leave, taking into account the various reasons for absence.              

How do I calculate vacation? Calculator dimension leave in Poland

jak wyliczyć urlop wypoczynkowy? jak obliczyć urlop? jak się liczy urlop wypoczynkowy?
Calculator by entering the type of secondary education and the start and end dates of employment shall calculate the chargeable period of annual leave.                  

Retirement calculator - calculation of the transition to retirement in Poland

Jak obliczyć kiedy przejdę na emeryturę? Kiedy przejdę na emeryturę wg nowych zasad?
Calculator allows you to calculate the age at which you can retire.
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